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Two-dimensional (-ish) work

dust and shadow copy 2.jpg

4' tall, 10' wide, 6" deep

Paint, CNC routed wood, digital print, resin


4' tall, 10' wide, 8" deep

Paint, digital print, mylar, electric fan, electric light, found hardware, gold leaf, resin



Height 8' x width 12' x depth 6'

Laser cut wood, paint, mylar, ink, paint, collage, hand-cut digital print, cast rocks (concrete and carbon silicon powder), piano wires, porcelain, thread, found hardware, fishing weights, resin, harpsichord pegs, nails

One Year of Covid:
A partnership with Atrium Health

12 feet wide, 4 feet tall, 5 inches deep

Ink, silicon carbon powder, enamel, gunpowder burns, laser cut paper, laser etched acrylic, spray paint, pearls, nails, string

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