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Two-dimensional (-ish) work

8.Learning to let go.jpg
Learning to Let Go

for Hilton Signia Atlanta

5' x 10' x 5"

Ink, resin, MDF, laser cut acrylic, archival print, interference pigment

dust and shadow copy 2.jpg
Dust and Shadow

4' x 10' x 4"

Paint, CNC routed wood, digital print, resin


4' x 10' x 8"

Paint, digital print, mylar, electric fan, electric light, found hardware, gold leaf, resin


8' x 12' x 8"

Laser cut wood, paint, mylar, ink, paint, collage, hand-cut digital print, cast rocks (concrete and carbon silicon powder), piano wires, porcelain, thread, found hardware, fishing weights, resin, harpsichord pegs, nails

One Year of Covid:
A partnership with Atrium Health

4' x 12' x 5"

Ink, silicon carbon powder, enamel, gunpowder burns, laser cut paper, laser etched acrylic, spray paint, pearls, nails, string

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