Art has always been a way for me to understand the world I live within. As a child, I often deconstructed my toys and then put them back together again, to create something new and gain insight through the process of reconstruction. Now, the ideas that I am investigating are complex and layered with no definitive answers. Art allows me the time and space to reflect on these concepts, and to investigate them from multiple perspectives.


My studio process relies upon unexpected intersections and collisions discovered through the layering of visual and tactile information. I combine elements that I can control with those that cannot be controlled - this allows for a push and pull between the artist and the art itself. Each time I investigate an idea, I attempt to mine it as deeply as possible — by seeing it through many different formats and iterations. I take things apart and then combine the parts in new ways to create different visual collisions. Working through many iterations of one idea, and exploring it through a variety of media and processes, allows me to investigate the concept through multiple vantage points. Art is most exciting to me when I have an idea, but do not yet know what the outcome will be.