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My work is an attempt to pin down a cloud… an effort to translate the mystical into a tangible sensory experience through an iterative exploration of materials. My studio practice oscillates between digital and analog processes. Each path of inquiry is initiated through the experiential-  An intuitive mark becomes a digital scan, which then becomes a steel sculpture, which then becomes a shadow within a video projection, which then becomes a photograph, and then becomes a print. The process of pushing an idea through many different materials and processes leads to a perpetual series of investigations. This obsessive way of working comes from my relentless sense of curiosity and wonder, and a deep desire to understand.  


My life has been shaped by many events that were out of my control. This has fostered a deep sense of curiosity about chaos and order, and I am constantly questioning whether the universe follows a pattern or unfolds in a series of random events. To consider these ideas, I investigate materials and processes that allow for a high level of control (often technological processes such as laser cutting or CNC plotting), and combine those with materials and processes that cannot be controlled (such as dripping ink, wafting smoke, or drifting clouds). The tension between my own desire to predict every aspect of the work - combined with the excitement that comes

from the potential for unexpected things to happen - places me directly at the intersection of chaos and order within my own artistic process.


Scale is of utmost importance in my work. By working in relation to the human body, I create immersive environments where we can try to forget ourselves long enough to reconsider what we think we know. My hope is that the joy of discovery and wonder will translate through shared aesthetic experiences, and allow us all to explore ideas beyond the boundaries of language - to expand our own consciousness.

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